Framing and Shaming: LGBT Activism, Feminism and the Construction of “Gestational Surrogacy” in Italy

Francesca Romana Ammaturo

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This article will discuss the existence of and reasons for a pattern of cross-mobilisation between Italianfeminist and LGBT movements in relation to the controversial issue of gestational surrogacy. Gestationalsurrogacy usually involves a woman who offers to carry out a pregnancy (either on a voluntary basis orthrough monetary compensation) on behalf of couples (be them heterosexual or homosexual) who areinfertile or cannot have children. In Italy gestational surrogacy has acquired prominence in the politicaldebate following the approval of the law same-sex unions in 2016. Immediately within this contextimportant fractures on this issue emerged between and within the feminist and LGBT movements. Thisarticle will consider the motivations behind those rifts and map the different proposed solutions to theregulation of gestational surrogacy in Italy.
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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Dec 2019

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