Loved or listened to? Parent and practitioner perspectives on young children’s well-being

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ABSTRACTWell-being is a significant concept in research, policy and practice ineducation, but consensus about what it is is challenging. In addition, thewell-being of children under eight is under-researched. Using onlinesurveys, this paper looks at the perspectives of 155 parent/carers and 285practitioners in England on young children’s well-being. In many areas,there were high levels of agreement: the importance of fun and laughter,feeling good about oneself, feeling listened to, good family relationships,time and space to play and opportunities to express thoughts andfeelings. Parents/carers emphasized ‘love’ whilst practitioners emphasizedlistening to children. Practitioners also strongly emphasized theimportance of their relationships with children and parents/carers. Thepaper concludes that, whilst the perspectives of parents/carers andpractitioners are valuable, a full understanding of young children’swell-being needs to include their voices as well as those of adults.

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  • Young Children's Wellbeing, parents' perspectives, practitioners' perspectives

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