The aim of this study is to extend theoretical understandings of the complexity of the legitimation of illegality. Using legal pluralism as a general framework of analysis, this study was able to analyse the alternative perspectives on state law, questioning the law and the work of the state and the existence of a local normative system that relates to spiritual knowledge of a local culture. By discussing how people involved in hashish harvesting in one of the regions of Kyrgyzstan may interpret and experience the interrelationship between the state law, customary law and law based on the moral economy of hashish production, we see how this process of legitimating illegality is part of legal plurality, which subsequently invokes different layers of morality.
Original languageEnglish
StateSubmitted - 8 Apr 2019

    Research areas

  • Legal pluralism, legitimation of illegal practices, de-legitimation of law and state, corruption of law enforcement, neutralization techniques, moral economy, illegal drug production

ID: 1201882