Nurturing children’s wellbeing with Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game

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Background. Book of Beasties (BoB) is a school-based, socio-emotional intervention designed for primary-aged children (age 6+). It aims to raise pupils’ emotional literacy and enhance wellbeing. This exploratory study investigated the perceptions and experiences of programme recipients, school staff delivery agents and parents/carers to determine the feasibility of conducting a full-scale evaluation.
Design. A single case study of one west London primary school
Methods. Participants comprised Year 4 children (n = 4; two boys, two girls; age 8- 9 years) who completed the five-week BoB programme, staff delivery agents (n = 2), and parents/carers (n = 4). Data were collected from a focus group with children and semi-structured interviews with adults.
Findings. Thematic analysis of the integrated data generated four thematic categories: Making sense of BoB; Fantasy world component vs real world component; Knowledge and application of socio-emotional literacy, and Assessment and development of BoB. Preliminary evidence suggested BoB benefitted recipients by enhancing socio-emotional skills (e.g., prosocial behaviour and empathy) and increasing subjective wellbeing. Specific programme components were elicited (e.g., fantastical elements and sensory-focused activities) which may have an influence on positive child outcomes.
Conclusions. BoB is a promising resource for primary schools and can be delivered by staff including paraprofessionals. Justification for conducting a full-scale evaluation to examine effectiveness and process issues was established and is underway.
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Title of host publicationMQ Mental Health Science Summit
Publication statusPublished - 21 May 2021
EventMQ Mental Health Science Summit - Online
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ConferenceMQ Mental Health Science Summit


  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • School-based intervention
  • Book of Beasties

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