Technology in Audiovisual Translation

Serenella Massidda, Jorge Díaz-Cintas

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This chapter maps out the field of audiovisual translation (AVT) in conjunction with technology by investigating emerging trends and discussing some critical aspects of the increasing pervasiveness of digital accelerationism and the globalised (r)evolution that has affected the entertainment industry in the last decades. By adopting a diachronic perspective, this chapter opens with an historical trajectory that spans from the invention of cinema at the end of the 19th century to the rise of the Web 2.0 in the new millennium. In order to take stock of the impact that technological advances have had on AVT practices, the most prominent areas of the field, i.e. subtitling and revoicing, are analysed to unveil the specific technologies, architectures, and software programs developed to enhance and optimise translation tasks as well as global localisation workflows. In the last section, a set of conclusions highlight the implications of technological innovation in the professional practice of audiovisual translators.

Audiovisual translation, subtitling, dubbing, revoicing, cloud-based platforms, workflows

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