The Art of Interpretation: Women, directing and sf television

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While there is an established tradition of women writers of SF literature, it is more difficult to identify a similar pantheon of women creators of science fiction television. This is because authorship tends to be seen to be located within a single figure, usually a male writer/producer, despite the collaborative nature of television production. This essay examines the contribution of women to science fiction television by re-evaluating the role of the director. By surveying a sample of SF TV, the essay identifies a selection of women, including Doctor Who directors Hettie MacDonald, Alice Troughton, and Rachel Talalay, who have helped shape contemporary SF television through their aesthetic sensibilities and their continued presence within the contemporary television industry. In so doing it aims to destabilize conventions that position creativity within one, often male, creator and locate the female creative voice within science fiction television.

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JournalScience Fiction Film and Television
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