"The more South you go, the more frankly you can speak": Metronormativity, Critical Regionality and the LGBT Movement in Salento, South-Eastern Italy

Francesca Romana Ammaturo

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In recent times, the region of Salento in South-Eastern Italy, has become
one of the most popular gay-friendly touristic spots in the country and
several LGBT organisation operate in this territory since the last few years.
This article seeks to map creation, development and challenges of the
LGBT movement in this Italian sub-region by looking at forms of
negotiation between "local" and "queer" identities and beyond narratives of
“metronormativity” of LGBT identities (Halberstam 2005) and from the
perspective of ‘critical regionality’ (Gopinath 2007; Binnie 2016) and
‘meridian thought’ (Cassano 2001). Through semi-structured interviews
conducted with four local LGBT activists in 2016 and ethnographic
observations carried out at Pride events in 2016 and 2017, the article looks
at conflicting social processes whereby local activism is rooted in situated
allegiances and interactions with the territory and its population, whilst
being permeated by globalising dynamics of LGBT identity politics.

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Early online date7 Nov 2018
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