The Residue of Modernity: Technology, Anachronism and Bric-à-Brac in Anglo-Indian Writing, 1870-1914

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    This chapter discusses the metaphorical use of technology and technological obsolescence in colonial Indian fiction from the late nineteenth century. Four authors are examined - Jules Verne, Rudyard Kipling, Flora Annie Steel, and Edmund Candler - with an additional brief discussion of the gramophone and its role in Tagore's Ghare Baire (The Home and the World).
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationLate Victorian into Modern, 1880-1920
    EditorsLaura Marcus, Michèle Mendelssohn, Kirsten Shepherd-Barr
    PublisherOxford University Press
    Publication statusPublished - 13 Oct 2016

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    NameOxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature
    PublisherOxford University Press

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