Transforming Time - The Maternal Church and the Pilgrimage of Faith

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    Two related themes running through Pope Francis’s theology form the focus of this paper: the importance of time over space in the context of the unfolding story of salvation as a journey through history, and the motherhood of the Church, personified in Mary. On the face of it, these two different theological metaphors are not easy to combine to form a coherent ecclesiology. The first develops the Second Vatican Council’s imagery of the Church as the pilgrim people of God, and the other draws on a more ancient metaphor of the Church as Mother. This paper explores each of these in turn, in order to suggest ways in which they can be creatively integrated to offer a revitalised ecclesiology for our times. However, this can only happen if the church takes a leap of faith to acknowledge the sacramental significance of the female body, which currently functions only as a marker of sacramental prohibition with regard to the exclusive masculinity of the priesthood.
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    Publication statusPublished - 5 Feb 2016


    • Pope Francis
    • Evangelii Gaudium
    • ecclesiology
    • Second Vatican Council
    • feminist theology

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