Volumes Project

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Volumes Project was a curatorial project conceived and organised by Nicola Conibere, Frank Bock (Independent Dance, DOCH) and Martin Hargreaves (The Place). It presented the works of seven dance-artists in the context of a major group exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London, called MIRRORCITY. The exhibition ran for three months (14 Oct 2014 - 4 Jan 2015) and received over 24,000 visitors.

Volumes Project investigated the displacing effect of dance and choreography in an exhibition. Rather than reproduce spectacular relations from the theatre, where the place of the performer and spectator are organised through a proscenium frame, the artists collected within the project asked what other kinds of frames are possible and therefore what other places can be proposed where bodies might meet each other. These meetings are not filled with the promise of presence, offering up a dancer as a closed virtuosic image, instead the point of departure for these encounters is an understanding of the generative potentials of choreography, the open questions of engaged embodiment. The project is concerned with the durational and relational horizons of dance and how these might be recited and resituated within a gallery space.

Volumes Project curated the work of seven dance-artists: Nicola Conibere, Katye Coe, Charlie Morrissey, Rahel Vonmoos, Florence Peake, Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon.

As part of the exhibition Bock, Conibere and Hargreaves participated in a public discussion about Volumes Project.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14 Oct 2014

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