Why make multilingual films and TV series? And how are they perceived? Preliminary resutls on filmmakers' intentions and audiences' reception

Eva Duran Eppler, Irene de Higes Andino, Mathias Kraemer

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Abstract: This chapter presents the first results of a comparative analysis of filmmakers’ intentions and audiences’ reception of multilingualism in audiovisual productions. Multilingual films and TV series are on the increase both in terms of success and penetration of wider audiences in a global market, raising issues related to how filmmakers convey multilingualism and how audiences respond to it. While translation within multilingual productions have received some attention from academic researchers, what has not been investigated to date is the success or failure of what filmmakers intend
to communicate to audiences through multilingualism. This study thus compares two data sets on the issue: interviews in which film directors and scriptwriters outline the intentions they pursue with the use of multilingualism in their productions, and survey data on viewers’ reception of and response to multilingualism in a TV series. While the study reveals certain discrepancies between filmmakers’ intentions and audiences’ responses, which reflect their different roles as creators and viewers of multilingual AV products, the results also show a considerable amount of agreement, particularly on the use of multilingualism as a stylistic and narrative device. The results indicate that
filmmakers’ intentions behind the use of multilingualism are ‘read’ by audiences. This can encourage film distributors and TV broadcasters to ‘make’ viewers watch multilingual films or TV series.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTranslating Audiovisuals in a Kaleidoscope of Languages
EditorsMontse Corrius, Eva Espasa , Patrick Zabalbeascoa
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PublisherPeter Lang
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019
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Duration: 30 Nov 20172 Dec 2018

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