The Noise of the Oppressed

  • Reynaldo Young

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    This thesis proposes and explores a fundamental interrelation between philosophy, education and noise. A speculative bridge is constructed between Alain Badiou’s philosophy and Paulo Freire’s pedagogy, whereby noise is posited as the phenomenological (temporal) appearance of Badiou’s ontological (atemporal) notion of ‘the void’. Such temporalisation of the void drives the key conjecture of the argument: if, for Baidou, philosophy is the opening of a space for the compossible thinking of political, artistic, scienti'c and amorous truths, I propose therefrom that education is the caring of the time produced in praxis by the subjects engaged in the investigations of such truths. It is within such pedagogical temporality, then, that noise emerges as the (neg)entropic, phenomenological trace of the isentropic, ontological void. Education intervenes amidst the noise as a reassuring injunction to keep going regardless of the anxiety which will inevitably assault the subjects throughout their uncertain inquiry. Given that the subjective trajectory purely follows the consequences of an undecidable event, this pedagogical relation subtracts itself from all established laws. I claim that such an “education in noise” is inherently Freirean insomuch as it constitutes a fundamental site of resistance to the oppression of constituted power. Noise is immanently subversive inasmuch as it enkindles innen- and um-subjects that are completely indigestible to the status quo of the state. This indigestibility represents the subtractive face of noise (on the side of an ontology woven on the void): noise, however, is also immanently relational (on the side of the inter-subjective production of a new logic). I conclude that by being ontologically subtractive and logically relational an education in noise manages to remain both subversive (insofar as it subtracts itself from all established knowledge) and criticopedagogical (insofar as it involves the dialogical, collective construction of a new world).
    Date of Award6 May 2021
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Roehampton
    Sponsorstechnē AHRC
    SupervisorMark Sinclair (Director of Studies) & Nina Power (Co-Supervisor)


    • Badiou
    • education
    • truth
    • noise
    • Freire

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